A Father’s Day Gift Guide for Mums Needing Inspiration

A Father’s Day Gift Guide for Mums Needing Inspiration

May 20, 2018

Most of us mums keep an eye on upcoming birthdays, Christmas, Easter, weddings, and every other date under the sun that requires a present. So it will come as little surprise that Father’s Day is rolling around again on 17 June.

So why’s that a problem? Well, to not put too fine a point on it, men can be difficult to buy for. Raise that a level when you’re trying to buy on behalf of a little boy or a girl for their daddy. And a final notch should they have a daddy who has enough money to buy themselves a nice bottle of wine or pair of shoes whenever they like. I’ve even found myself googling for “inspirational presents for Father’s Day” to try and get me over the line.

So we’ve come up with a list of presents that answer the problem: each of them are unique, each of them are personal, and each of them could make that special dad a happy man when June 17th arrives.

Option 1: no budget but very thoughtful. Cost: £0.00

Requires an empty (and cleaned!) jam jar, some paper, and a pen. Cut the paper into thin folded strips, and write on each one something you are thankful for to that special man. See how many you can get up to! Then put them in the jar, and give instructions that they can take one out each day. A thoughtful gift that keeps on giving.

Option 2: a word cloud to celebrate dad. Cost: from £17.99

Sadly you can only really do this once every few years, as it’s about gathering up those special memories, words, and phrases that capture who the father is to someone. It’s a great gift whether the giver is one year old (!) or are themselves fathers. Include nicknames, special dates (like a son or daughter’s birthday!), events that stick in the mind, words to describe feelings for him, and so on.

Option 3: a family picture of Daddy’s shipmates. Cost: from £17.99

Some dads may not be partial to a poster on the wall saying how fab he is – the quiet superheroes. Instead, you could personalise a poster to tell him he floats your boat. Stylish, elegant, and says that you are all aboard together! The surface print looks fabulous for this in particular.

GoGiftie Father's Day boat

Option 4:  socks! But special socks. These ones breathe! Cost: RRP £35

We get it, socks are not original. But these ones are made from breathable bamboo, keeping his feet cool in summer, warm in winter. And they come in a cool box, divided into days of the week. One less sock selection worry for him to think about.

Option 5: Campbell Cole Simple A6 Pouch. Cost: £90

Many dads are head of travel, clutching all the passports and tickets when you go on holiday. This smart pouch keeps them all together, and Dad can look stylish with this black Italian leather pouch to hold them all in. The knotted puller also makes it easy to access your documents at each point in check-in. Other colours available to suit his taste.

Whatever you go for, make sure it’s personal and you can’t go far wrong. Good luck!


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